Rumour: Microsoft Preparing To Launch Its Own Smartphone

Following the launch of its Surface tablets, could also jump into the smartphone market to push its WP8 OS.


Microsoft has once again entered the hardware manufacturing business in a big way, with the launch of its Surface tablet series on Monday. Now, the software giant seems to be taking the next logical step – launching its own branded smartphones. It is known that MS emplyoees stringent hardware requirement policies for devices that can run its smartphone OS. If it goes ahead with manufacturing its own smartphones, it can exercise all the control that it needs to optimise its phones better for the new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system,  which was launched yesterday.

If it does indeed go ahead with the launch, it is likely to create a reference design installed with WP8 for other manufacturers to follow. The move can be considered important because WP7.5 has not been able to consolidate a respectable market share, and MS will definitely want to change that picture with WP8 devices. The best way to do this would be to take an active role and lead the pack. Whether this remains a rumour, or will it materialise into reality just like its tablet rumours, only time will tell.

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