Netflix launches new website to showcase its Top 10 |

Netflix launches new website to showcase its Top 10

Netflix will make an effort to increase transparency around its viewership and streaming data


After Netflix announced last month that they will begin to shift the way they rank their top titles, Netflix launched a new website where those metrics will be shared every week. This way you’ll know just how big that blockbuster really was. 

Netflix is shifting away from its long-time two-minute viewing time metric (how many people watch a title for at least two minutes) to a more accurate measurement – rank titles by total number of hours viewed. 

The new weekly Top 10 hub will update every Tuesday with lists of its top films and TV Shows in the following categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English), and TV (Non-English). Each list will display the number of hours each top-ranking movie or TV show was watched.

Each list will track the success of Netflix content during the prior Monday through Sunday period before being published Tuesday. According to Netflix, the lists will count seasons of series as separate titles, but it will count repeated watches within a season toward that season’s overall watch hours.

However, Netflix said it wouldn't reveal how many people have finished a given movie or series — it believed all hours were relevant, whether you were distracted, rewatching a favorite show or playing an individual scene over and over.

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