OnePlus Nord 2 5G Explodes & Causes Severe Burns |

OnePlus Nord 2 5G Explodes & Causes Severe Burns

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G came out 3 months ago and has already exploded into a fiery ball at least twice.


A fresh incident of a OnePlus phone exploding has come to light on Twitter and although OnePlus has not commented on the explosion, the user has mentioned that the company has reached out to understand the matter. 

The issue was originally tweeted on Wednesday, November 3 and shortly after OnePlus Support asked the user to connect over direct messages. One Plus has not commented any further on the issue. 

The issue gained more attention this week after press coverage and the user in question responded to his original thread and said that One Plus is in “constant touch”.

"We take such incidents seriously. Our team has already reached out to the user and we are in the process of collecting the details to investigate this further." – One Plus

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G was launched in July as a successor to One Plus’s popular mid-range model OnePlus Nord. 

In another similar incident, OnePlus sent a legal notice to a user who claimed that his OnePlus Nord 2 5G phone exploded. Oh and the charger exploded too. But One Plus blamed external factors.

Alongside the phone itself, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger also recently exploded. The company, however, blamed external factors for the explosion.

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