Netflix Games on iOS may not be directly available from Netflix App |

Netflix Games on iOS may not be directly available from Netflix App

Unfortunately for iOS users, each Netflix Game will have to be installed individually.


Netflix Games has already rolled lout globally on Android devices but iOS users are still waiting to engage with Netflix’s latest gaming content. According to reports, Netflix will have to release games one by one on iOS as per App Store requirements.

While Android users can download and launch games directly from the Netflix app, the iOS Netflix app is nothing but a gateway to the App Store, where each game has to be installed separately.

While this is disappointing, it’s not surprising given Apple’s walled-garden approach towards apps. A Walled Garden is a closely monitored environment that regulates a user's access to websites and services.

Available only in the US at present, Netflix Games offers five playable titles to subscribers at launch: Stranger Things: 1984; Stranger Things 3: The Game; Shooting Hoops; Teeter Up; and Card Blast.

Apple has always maintained a firm grip on how games and apps are distributed on iOS. Remember the legal brawl between Apple and Epic Games? The ruling from that case was that Apple cannot prevent app developers from including links that allow users to make purchases outside of the Apple App Store. 

If app developers want to sell anything, it must be sold through the Apple App store which keeps a 30% cut of all purchases. Epic Games did not want to pay this so they included payment links that allowed users to make purchases outside the Apple App store, which prompted the lawsuit.

While a US judge ruled in favour of Epic Games, stating that Apple can no longer force app developers to go through the App Store for in-app purchases, Apple has appealed the ruling, which means that this legal battle is not yet over.


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