Telegram Launches Interactive Emojis, New Chat Themes as Updates |

Telegram Launches Interactive Emojis, New Chat Themes as Updates

This is the second major update for Telegram app within a span of one month to enhance user experience with high utility driven features


Telegram Messenger launched a slew of new features in its latest monthly update to make the user chat experience more intriguing. The app has also introduced Read receipt feature for Telegram Private Groups, along with an option to record live stream video chats and audio sessions that can be shared later with others, as well.

Here are the details on the new features:

Chat Themes

Telegram offers many features to organize chats and customize their appearance such as Chat Folders, Animated Backgrounds, etc. In this update, coordination and decoration come together with new themes for individual chats.

The app is now offering eight new themes that users can apply to specific private chats (one-to-one chats). Each of the new themes showcases colourful gradient message bubbles, beautifully animated backgrounds and unique background patterns.

Interactive Emoji

Telegram introduced a new way of sharing emotion in real time. Users need to simply send a single emoji to any private chats, and then tap on the animated emoji to unleash a full-screen effect. If both the parties involved in the one-on-one chat have the chat window open, the animations and vibrations play simultaneously on the devices for both of them. This makes the overall chat experience much more connected, expressive and close to the people. 

Read Receipts in Small Groups

Both chat themes and interactive emoji currently only work in private chats. But this update also includes a big change for Telegram Groups.

Group messages are marked as read (✓✓) as soon as one other member sees them. In small groups, users can now also select a message you sent to see which group members have read it.

In order to protect users' privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for seven days after the message was sent.

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