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How to Watch Netflix with VPN

Netflix is a streaming service where one can access movies, anime, documentaries, award-winning shows, and many more internet-connected devices.


Many people now have watching movies, series, documentaries under their hobby list. To watch all of this, one must have some internet connectivity. Netflix is a streaming service where one can access movies, anime, documentaries, award-winning shows, and many more internet-connected devices.

All one needs is an internet connection and subscribing to Netflix. New movies and TV shows are added to Netflix every single week. One can access Netflix via an Android, iOS, and Windows 10 app device. When one needs to travel, they could download what they need when having an internet connection and save it to watch later at their preferred time.

Why a VPN is Necessary to Watch Netflix

The problem comes when some Internet Service Providers will block some shows depending on one’s locality. The use and application of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is hence necessary. A VPN encrypts the connection over the internet from the device one is using to a network. It enables an internet user to access that which is blocked.

Why One’s Locality is Important to Access Netflix

There are things that one has to factor in when traveling outside of the country they initially subscribed to Netflix in.

Tunneling Around the World

On every device that has internet connectivity is an IP address which is handed out geographically. Different IP addresses will differ from those in another country. An IP address could tell easily tell a technology expert where a device is located.

The need for a VPN comes in when one needs to travel from one location to another. With the use and application of a VPN, one can access what the other country is restricted from accessing over the internet. However, one should be warned that not only IP addresses show one’s location but also your device’s settings, the specific browser one is using, and the cookie data information.

Your Netflix Is Not My Netflix

It may be assumed that because we use Netflix in different countries that then they are similar. This could be wildly different especially because we are in different localities. What internet use should understand is that they are entitled to a show because they subscribed to Netflix at a particular location.

A VPN comes in handy as it enables one to watch what they can’t in a certain location because of some Netflix restrictions.

VPN: The Master of Unblocking

When someone connects to a VPN while in another country, it makes them appear like they are in that country, rather than like they subscribed to Netflix in that country. The world is hit by the COVID-19 pandemic now, but if we would assume one travels from the UK to the USA, they might not be able to access everything on Netflix as in the country they are coming from. This means that some shows that one accessed while in the UK might not be accessible to Netflix subscribers in the US.

This may disrupt your habits or routine, hence to watch the same shows, all you need to do is connect to a VPN server.

Netflix Loves to Block VPNs

Despite using VPNs to watch that which is blocked in other countries, Netflix has made efforts to block the use of VPNs. This is done to enforce some regional restrictions for certain content places on Netflix. On the other hand, VPN knows that Netflix knows what their work is and it also has mechanisms to keep its customers watching Netflix.

Travel the World With a VPN

To keep watching your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, anime, and more internet-connected programs, travel the world with a VPN. Make a point of subscribing to a VPN, so you do not get disappointed in case what you love watching is not accessible in the country you visit.


With all the glamor and excitement Netflix brings to the world, it might not be all merry everywhere you go. One should then make sure that they subscribe to a VPN service so that to make the entertainment they receive from Netflix easy and reliable. This article highlighted five reasons why they need VPNs to keep watching Netflix:  tunneling the world, VPN is the master of unblocking, Netflix loves to Block VPNs and finally one should make sure that they travel the world with a VPN.

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