Do you know how happy and healthy your employees are? Many workers feel that their employers do not care about their health and well-being which leads them to look for other jobs.



Health and wellness of employees have been recognized as a key factor for an organization’s success. It is also a key component of business strategy for many companies.

Coronavirus pandemic has put light on various aspects of wellbeing, notably financial and mental health, many employers are trying to keep physical health as an important factor too.

Focusing on employee fitness is a smart move and gives employees an opportunity to be active and boost their mental health. Providing employees a channel to upkeep their physical wellbeing is one way to provide employees flexibility and help them in these unprecedented times.

Among a lot of ways to keep a check on your employee’s health and wellbeing, one way is to invest in cloud-based solutions. Companies that don’t have on-site fitness classes are partnering with these platforms that present virtual wellness options to employees.

In this article we have mentioned the employee wellness apps that the companies can use to take better care of their remote workforces.

  1. Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is a simple and AI empowered employee wellness solution. It is a corporate wellness app designed for enterprises of all sizes. It is a one-stop solution for corporates looking to warrant employee wellbeing. It focuses on health & fitness by promoting healthier lifestyles and habits. You can track physical activities such as step count, map your outdoor workouts using GPS data and map your runs, outdoor jogs and even evening walks. Vantage fit aims to raise awareness towards overall health & fitness not just physical health. This app also provides challenges and contests for users to participate in and engage with real-time leaderboards. App is available for both android and iOS.

Play store: Vantage Fit - Apps on Google Play


  1. Wellable

Wellable is the health and wellbeing app of your organization. It supports your journey towards holistic well-being. This app lets you learn and follow your organization’s wellness program, earn wellable points for daily health events, track your daily progress and participate in the challenges in teams or individually. App is available for both android and iOS.

Play store: Bonusly - Apps on Google Play


  1. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe Corporate is an employee wellness platform for organizations that provides app-based gamified processes for the employees. Employees can participate in contests, register for fitness and nutrition drives to keep themselves fit and healthy. The platform generates reports portraying the employee progress and actionable insights. App is available for both android and iOS.

Play store: Calorie Counter, Diet Plan, Dietitians, Trainers - Apps on Google Play


  1. Sprout

Sprout is a corporate health and wellness platform. It gives employees quick access to health information, personalized recommendations, social networks, challenges, health risk surveys etc. You can track activities and get rewarded for healthy behaviour. App is available for both android and iOS.

Play store: Sprout at Work - Apps on Google Play


  1. LifeWorks

It is an employee wellness program that fosters the colleague community. The app helps you recognize peers that align with your company's mission and core values; provides 24/7 counselling and well-being prevention content; rewards points that save you $1,000's a year across 4,000 brands and retailers. App is available for both android and iOS.

Play Store: LifeWorks - Apps on Google Play



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