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iGear launches Retro Typewriter-Inspired Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo ‘KeyBee’

A full-sized wireless keyboard-mouse combo with classic typewriter-style round keycaps


Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories brand iGear officially announces ‘KeyBee’ – a retro Typewriter-Style Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo for desktops, laptops and tablets. The KeyBee sports round keycaps similar to the classic typewriter, and works off a single 2.4GHz wireless nano USB receiver. The iGear KeyBee is a classic add-on to your work desk at home or office.

Excited about the new announcement iGear founder Kamlesh Sharma commented, “The iGear KeyBee is a wonderful input peripheral for everyone who loves the look of the classic typewriter keys for their keyboard. The keyboard-mouse combo gives your work desk a retro look with the classic typewriter-style round keycaps for a nostalgic touch.”

iGear helps you bring back some memories of the golden era. The iGear KeyBee presents round keycaps that represent the same look and feel as that of the classic typewriter before the computer keyboard took over for good. The KeyBee is a keyboard-mouse combo that works with any computer or gadget that supports input peripherals through a USB port.

iGear KeyBee brings back the joy of retro-fashion typing, albeit in modern style. The round keycaps that give you the feeling of the old classic typewriter are highly ergonomic for easy and comfortable typing. The keycaps are removable for easy cleaning too. Also included in the box is a soft-bristle cleaning brush which helps you easily clean between the keys so that your typing experience is never hampered by dust. The keyboard is a compact, yet full-sized unit and equipped with a numeric keypad. It also includes two AA-size cells that last for the entire year – thanks to the auto power-saving mode that shuts it when it’s not in use.

To complement the typewriter-inspired keyboard is a smart wireless optical mouse that is ergonomically designed with a round shape to fit into your palm. The mouse includes a single AA cell that can work for a year before needing a replacement. The mouse also has a power-saving mode that puts it to sleep when it detects an idle state to save on battery life.

The iGear KeyBee keyboard and mouse combo uses a single a tiny nano 2.4GHz USB receiver and is almost invisible when plugged into a USB port. Being paired to a single USB wireless receiver also helps free up an USB port on your laptop or desktop for other important peripherals. The nano USB receiver is also completely plug-n-play – hassles for installing drivers for any operating system, which include Windows, macOS, Linux or Android. 

So why not give your desk a dash of nostalgia with the classic retro typewriter-styled iGear KeyBee Keyboard-Mouse combo? It will be available for Rs 2,750 on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com with a standard industry warranty of 1 year.


About iGear:

iGear is a brand of innovative gadgets at an affordable cost to customers looking for technology solutions to their lifestyle needs.  iGear was founded by Kamlesh Sharma, who comes with over 15 years of experience in B2B sales, along with a deep understanding of varied electronic products, purchases, international markets, suppliers and logistics. Kamlesh brought iGear to the limelight with its practical technology. The prime focus of iGear is its design and supreme quality.

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