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iGear launches ‘Ensemble’ – a 20Watts TWS Portable Soundbar with in-built Subwoofer for High Bass

Made from recycled wood for elegant looks, while reducing strain on the environment resources


Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories brand iGear proudly announces ‘Ensemble,’ a portable TWS multifunctional soundbar with a built-in subwoofer for high bass and theatre-like experience. The Ensemble is battery-powered and lightweight, allowing portable music whenever and wherever needed.

Proud of the new launch, iGear Co-Founder Neha Sharma said, “iGear aims to bring high-quality products in a very affordable price bracket for every consumer. The iGear Ensemble is a very affordable audio solution for all TV owners to create a theatre-like experience in your living room. The soundbar is also very special as it helps us reduce the impact on the environment by using recycled a wood enclosure. And while the Ensemble is a multifunctional wireless speaker, you can also enjoy your own music from your favourite FM stations, via your smartphone or simply using a pen drive. And if you own two of these, you can have a multi-room audio experience in your home by simply pairing them together.”

The iGear Ensemble is a 20Watts TWS soundbar that also features an in-built FM Radio, BT receiver and music player. The soundbar is also designed with a compact size to allow portability for music playback anywhere anytime. It features a 2400mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery that runs the Ensemble for up to 3-5 hours on a single full charge.

The ensemble is designed using recycled wood that allows iGear to reduce the impact on the environment. Using wood instead of ABS plastic also helps create a better audio performance due to the resonance properties of wood. The iGear Ensemble comprises of four front-facing full-range speakers of 5 watts each and engineered with an in-built subwoofer for high bass output. Now users can enjoy high quality and superior audio from their television sets to create a theatre-like experience right in your living room. Action movies and musicals will no longer be the same and the iGear Ensemble will mesmerize you to the core.

Using Bluetooth 5.0, the Ensemble can connect from long distances, and quickly too. Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop and use it as a music console. Tune to your favourite FM radio station or plug in a pen drive with your favourite playlist and the Ensemble will never let you down. Want your entire home to be filled with the same music? Simply pair up two iGear Ensemble speakers using the TWS mode and have stereo or a multi-room audio experience within seconds.

Available in a Brown polished wood finish, the iGear Ensemble will be available for just Rs 1699 on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com. The soundbar carries a standard industry warranty of 1 year.

About iGear:

iGear is a brand of innovative gadgets at an affordable cost to customers looking for technology solutions to their lifestyle needs. iGear was founded by Kamlesh Sharma, who comes with over 15 years of experience in B2B sales, along with a deep understanding of varied electronic products, purchases, international markets, suppliers and logistics. Kamlesh brought iGear to the limelight with its practical technology. The prime focus of iGear is its design and supreme quality.

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