Vu Group redefines workstyle with ‘Meeting by Vu’

The new world order calls for a redefined workstyle, and it is upon our generation to ensure that it is sustainable, adaptive and innovative


 Devita Saraf, Chairman, and CEO of The Vu Group.

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After being the market leader in premium 4K televisions, The Vu Group extends its expertise into changing customers’ workstyles with its new video conferencing offering.

As part of its strategy, The Vu Group will focus on delivering new age technology to both, consumer lifestyle and business products. This is in keeping with the company’s values of being pioneers in the industry, always looking to do the next new thing, and staying dedicated to quality and innovation.

Vu also announces its offering for this new space – an all-encompassing, audio-video collaborative solution, Meeting by Vu. This system promises to make virtual meetings more realistic and lifelike, and offers the best of both worlds – the quality of traditional room-based solutions, and the ease of use and the flexibility of using video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet and any other video conferencing software that runs on Windows 10.

Meeting by Vu provides business professionals with an efficient and platform-agnostic experience. It also packs in class-leading features that promise to solve technical and ergonomic issues like laptop fatigue as well as incorporating multiple people into a meeting.

Meeting by Vu is a one-stop solution providing everything that is needed for business-grade video conferencing. The product line-up combines large intelligent displays with a built-in Windows 10 PC, professional-grade cameras with advanced video processing DSPs, and a sophisticated microphone and speaker system – all in a single package.

Meeting by Vu is available in three variants: Executive, Team, and Conference. The Executive Edition is appropriate for solo professionals and business owners who are working from home. The Team Edition is better suited for groups of 4-6 people, as it features a wide-angle camera that can fit more subjects into the frame. The Conference Edition is ideal for larger rooms and bigger teams, as it offers a professional camera with 15x optical zoom and pan/tilt functions.

“Having sold over 2.5 million TVs in our more than 10 years of business, Vu has tremendous experience in screens, optics, and audio-video technologies. We are also committed to human centric innovations and being pioneers in the field. Meeting by Vu is the result of all our learnings in the lifestyle space, and is designed for the new age workstyle. It is easy to use, high on technology and innovation, and geared for the future,” says Devita Saraf, Chairman, and CEO of The Vu Group.


About The Vu Group

Founded in 2006, The Vu Group is a new age technology conglomerate focused on the display industry. The lifestyle brand of the group, Vu Televisions, is a Rs 1000 Cr ($130 Million) revenue company and the leader in premium televisions in India.  The workstyle division is responsible for the newly launched Meeting by Vu that is focused on working smarter. The group has been built on the values of innovation, quality, sustainability, design, and luxury. Vu is pronounced as “view”, inspired by one’s vision and view of the future.

Meeting by Vu – features and pricing

A large screen smart TV with a built-in computer powered by a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Windows 10, and a wireless keyboard with a trackpadLifelike 4K visuals in five screen sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, 85” and 100”Engaging video meetings with camera options that provide an 83° to 120° viewing angle, all of which are 4K with autofocusWhile the Executive and Team edition cameras offer 4x digital zoom, the Conference edition camera features 15x optical zoom and pan/tilt functionsDisturbance-free audio capabilities with AI-based noise cancellation software that offers noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellationOther features include 4-way wireless screencasting and dual display supportPricing ranges from Rs 1.35 lakh to Rs 8.5