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7 workout accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals at home

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shutdown of most public spaces, including gyms, working out at home is becoming the new normal. Therefore, we have curated a list of 7 workout accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals at home.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, and the subsequent shutdown of most public spaces, including gyms, staying fit became a challenge. However, with the right motivation, and determination, we think this time at home provides the perfect opportunity for you to focus on your health and fitness, and achieve the body goals you always desired. What’s more, is that working out will help you feel happy and ensure your mind stays healthy. To help you get started with a home fitness routine, here’s a list of workout accessories you must have. 


1.       Syska SW100 Smart Watch 

To help you monitor your health and track your fitness regimen, the Syska SW100 is your go-to buddy. The smartwatch is equipped with features that monitor your sleep cycle, and calorie intake, track your step count, and heart rate, and keep a tab on yoga sessions, to give you a holistic overview of your health, so you can focus on areas of improvement. The Syska SW 100 smartwatch is available on Flipkart at a discounted price of Rs 2,499/-


2.Goldmedal Electricals i-Sense FM-Bluetooth Music Player (3M)


Almost everyone who works out will attest to the fact that the right music sets the tone for the session. Goldmedal’s i-Sense FM-Bluetooth Player (3M) is a one-of-a-kind product that is stylish yet compact, and can be installed directly into a flush box with any Goldmedal modular plate. The i-sense FM-Bluetooth player not only allows you to listen to the radio or music from any Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device, but also has an additional line output that allows connection to Hi-Fi or multi-room systems. It is also equipped with an in-built stereo amplifier that enables direct speaker connection, as well as has a 3.5mm port for multiple listening options while working out.

3.       Strauss Skipping Rope


According to experts, skipping is a better alternative to running, as a part of fitness routines. A 15 minute session can burn up to 300 calories which is much more than other continuous cardio exercises, or riding a bike. The Strauss skipping rope is a light weight 3 meter solid PVC rope with a strong plastic handle and is perfect for beginners. The skipping rope is available on Amazon for Rs. 199/-


4.       Victory Neo - Gym & Fitness Glove 



Wearing gloves is crucial while working out. Gloves protect your hands from any kind of injury, swelling, pain, inflammation, absorbs sweat, and provides odour protection. The Victory Neo gloves shield your fingers from the stress caused while lifting heavy weights or doing anything strenuous. If you’re worried about the fit, you needn’t be. These can be adjusted according to the size of your hand and are padded with foam to improve the grip and comfort. The gloves are available on Amazon for Rs. 199/-


5.       Nodens Gym Ball



Working out using a gym ball can help enhance your flexibility. Gym balls stimulate muscle stability, and help tone your body. This gym ball from Nodens is made with user friendly PVC and is an anti-burst ball. It weights 2000lbs and is perfect even for rigorous workouts. The gym ball is available on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 1,402/-


6.       Signatron Extra Thick Yoga Mat



The benefits of using a yoga mat while working out are multifold. Not only does it provide you with a non-slip comfortable surface, but it also provides thermo-insulation between the body and the ground. This Signatron extra thick yoga mat is 10 mm thick, slip-proof and waterproof. It also comes with an attached carry strap, making it convenient to carry wherever you choose to work out. The yoga mat is available on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 1,099/-


7.       Diva And Diya Exercise Bands 



You don't need a gym and heavy equipment to reach your fitness goals. These exercise bands are a great alternative to machines. Besides helping in injury rehabilitation and toning of your body shaping, they are also ideal for assisting in workouts such as P90x, CrossFit, Yoga, Insanity, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and more. The Diva and Diya exercise bands are available in packs of five, and are high-quality resistant bands which do not lose their elasticity, even after frequent practice. The bands are available on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs. 799/-