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Advantages of Investing in Crypto

The revolutionary method of Bitcoin transactions blazed the digital and crypto-currency world with the novel technique of blockchains and mining


Bitcoin may have come across your financial dashboard in 2017 when its sudden rise in value made headlines all over the world. While the price may have gone down a bit, the popularity and profit of bitcoin investments are steadily rising. Any worthy investor must already be getting into the lucrative world of Bitcoin investing. Started in January 2009 by an anonymous group named Satoshi Nakamoto, this novel crypto-currency is what you should be investing in. There are many advantages to this relatively new form of financial investments, with the age-old process of buying low and selling high. 

These advantages are carefully laid out at cryptotrader login. The main benefits can be described as the following.


The revolutionary method of Bitcoin transactions blazed the digital and crypto-currency world with the novel technique of blockchains and mining. Each transaction involving bitcoins are transparently stored in a distributed public ledger. These blockchains are visible to all users, both participating and non-participating. These blockchains are maintained miners who can create new blockchains by solving extremely complex computational problems that require a considerable amount of computing. So if any hacker tries to corrupt the process, they require control over 51% of the total blockchain network, which is redundant and fruitless. Thus Bitcoin is significantly secure due to its ingenious design.

No third-party

Unlike traditional modes of digital transactions, Bitcoin operates on peer-to-peer networks free from third-party overseers. Thus, the high cost of transaction fees is cut short, and now you can directly perform business without the hassle of paying a middleman over the internet. This also provides added security as you can avoid taking the help of untrustworthy middlemen that may affect your transactions.

Fewer Competitions

Along with being the original pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin remains unchallenged by other newer brands of crypto-currency that have come into the market. New ones like Ethereum use similar blockchain technology but are yet to reach the wide ranges of Bitcoin.

Popular Investment Option

Many seasoned investors have recognized the financial benefit of investing in bitcoins due to its rising exchange rate and valuation. While some remain cautious about its fluctuating values, it still goes without saying that Bitcoin is the next big thing when it comes to the world of investing. With a high level of security as outlined above, along with lower transaction fees, bitcoins can become a viable alternative to traditional commodities like gold and real estate. While the risk may be marginally higher, it is justified because of the still-experimental nature of the currency and is comfortably offset by its high return capabilities.

Easy application

While the mining and development of blockchains may require heavy computing power and sophisticated hardware, the users who engage just in transactions and investment can easily do so by using easy-to-operate applications and software. Bitcoin is compatible with almost all popular devices ranging from smartphones to desktops. The transactions can be carried out through a bitcoin wallet along with two sets of unique keys (encrypted codes) that must be carefully and securely stored offline.

Inflation Resistant

One of the particular advantages of investing in bitcoins is that they are not like traditional money. Due to its limited nature, it isn’t plagued by issues of inflation that may create bubbles that have destroyed many offline financial markets. Thus the volatile price of Bitcoin can be compensated by its resistance to inflation. Currently, there are only 6 million bitcoins available for miners to mine. 

Wide Acceptance

Crypto-currency is slowly becoming the new normal, with many establishments accepting it as a legitimate form of currency instead of cash and credit. Unlike the fiat currency, there are no transaction fees imposed in the trading of bitcoins across international borders. This acts as another benefit in favor of Bitcoin investing as the investment pool is widened across the world market.

Bitcoins are slowly gaining recognition as a strong player in the financial field and investment spaces. With great security, transparent transactions, wide acceptability, and inflation-resistance, many investors are racing to invest in Bitcoin before the opportunity ends. With more forms of crypto-currency following Bitcoin, it may not belong when virtual investments dominate the financial landscape.


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