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A Guide to Using Cryptocurrency

Originally created in January 2009 by an anonymous group with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has emerged to be the leading digital currency


A revolutionary alternative to the traditional currency, Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency that is taking the financial world by the storm. Originally created in January 2009 by an anonymous group with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has emerged to be the leading digital currency with a current value of around 10,000 US dollars. While a direct jump from paper money and other tangible assets to digital currency may seem overwhelming and hard-to-do, with this comprehensive guide to handle your digital wallet, it will be a piece of cake.

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Bitcoin Operations

Bitcoins are operated through the genius technique of blockchains and mining. Based on a transparent peer-to-peer network, a number of transactions involving bitcoins are stored in a block, and many blocks are then stringed together in chains. These blockchains can be viewed by a user in real-time, ensuring transparency. Miners help maintain these blockchains through complex computing and are rewarded with bitcoins themselves. 


The safeties of Bitcoin transactions are maintained by issuing two sets of unique key-codes to the user that help them access blockchains. These keys are long chains of sequential letters and numbers that are encrypted through a mathematical algorithm that operates the blockchain involved. One of these codes acts as a public username that is exchanged between users to send and receive bitcoins. The other key code is used as a private ATM pin to authorize a transaction.

Bitcoin Investing

Bitcoin is mostly used in these modern times as an effective asset for investments due to its high exchange rates and lesser transaction fees. Since bitcoins are limited in their amount, unlike a national currency that is printed by the government according to the goods produced, it remains resistant to issues like inflation. Additionally, the decentralized method of storing bitcoins drastically reduces transaction fees and eliminates the need for third-party beneficiaries. This increases the investor's chance to gather more profits in comparison to traditional assets such as gold or real estate.

Bitcoins are now being used by many as a popular form of currency, along with the traditional mode of payments such as credit cards and debit cards. The advantageous ability of bitcoins to be stored in debit cards has considerably made the process easier. The following spheres of transactions now use bitcoins as a mode of payment.


One of the major spaces dominated by Bitcoin transactions is virtual market-place. Many online shopping websites are readily accepting bitcoins since it acts as an appropriate medium for a store that is itself digital. You can buy almost anything by exchanging your bitcoin keys instead of your debit card details, be it books, stationery, or clothes.


Since the rapid digitization of travel management, bitcoins have become a preferred mode of payment for traveling agency to ensure secure transactions that aren't affected by international currencies and their varying values. For the frequent traveler, bitcoins can be the source of many discounts and offers that may not be available normally.

Brick and Mortar Shops

Aside from the digital market-places, bitcoins are also being readily accepted in physical shops. With compatible software, you can buy goods from your local market with a quick scan with your smart-phone and thus eliminate the hassle of handling cash. For the small business owner setting up a Bitcoin transaction mode also increases chances of attracting a larger, more diverse range of customers and maybe the trigger to broaden their base.

Although digitization of currency may come as a blessing and be the solution to many problems, it may also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks that may deplete your whole wallet in the blink of an eye. Thus it is necessary to take proper steps to ensure security. It is advisable to store your encrypted key-codes in double-encrypted offline storage devices. You can even store them by printing them out on paper, which can be later scanned to access transactions. It is also important to keep the governing software update free from malware. It is advisable to install an effective anti-virus system to avoid security vulnerabilities. 



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