Woovly, a Made in India app similar to TikTok

Woovly, a Made in India app similar to TikTok sees an upsurge of 2 Million downloads enormously from 1 tier and 2 tier cities


Woovly, a short video content app similar like TikTok, with more inspiring and meaningful content, which focuses on people’s aspirations has seen a surge of 2 million usersmassively from tier 1 and 2 cities like Jaipur, Cochin, Patna, Guwahati , Lucknow and others .

Woovly,is also a first of its kind bucket listing and social discovery platform where people can list things they have done or would like to do in future. People often even share their review and experiences through the platform by making short video contents for various categories like travel, art, music, dance and others.

Woovly has seen a surge of user downloads during the times of COVID-19 and also the ban of Chinese apps has hugely benefited the app. Woovly has garnered over a million users organically onto its platform over the course of 90 days. With the Indian government putting a halt to the Chinese app market in India and banning over 59 apps including WeChat, TikTok and ShareIt, has paved a new wave for “Make In India” apps similar to Woovly.

Venkat J, CEO, Co-Founder says “This bold step by the Government of India not only assures the emotions of Indians over boycotting Chinese apps but will also, restores a step into a successful making of an Atamnirbhar Bharat. We are here to encourage the one who wants to explore and create content to share, inspire, discover and explore. Woovly is also tying up with merchant partners and content creators who create wishful content; they are certainly out there to make a community place by Indians, for everyone.”

Woovly has also become a platform for both content creators and hyper local service providers and merchants from tier 2 and 3 cities as well, and as a part of their “Vocal for Local” campaign; they are supporting 10,456local merchants by providing their services across a range of various categories. Moreover, Woovly tries to bring out hidden experiences not only from metropolitan cities but from 2-tier and 3-tier cities too. 

Woovly is also in talks with investors for series A. There has been a positive movement from investors community in India as well as global and the investors are also very enthusiastic by seeingWoovly’s positioning and growth during the current unprecedented times.

About Woovly


Do you have a bucketlist? When was the last time you checked on/added to your bucketlist? In today's fast paced, data driven world, where everyone has access to virtually everything at the tip of a button, these questions come as a reality check and makes you realise of the cluttered environment that we are living in. Woovly, a one of a kind social discovery platform is the answer for you. Launched in Feb 2019 with an intent to list down wishes/activities that one desires to experience in his/her lifetime, Woovly helps you to not just create your bucket lists but also facilitates their fulfilment. It serves as a one-of-its-kind experience-platform where one can create a bucket list for themselves or be a part of similar communities or simply write an experience down and accomplish it. With this, Woovly is set to become the world’s only aggregator of people’s wish list that are potential leads for small and large brands to promote and sell their products and services. 

The activities that are listed range from adventure, unique places to visit, exotic food one wishes to taste, DIY one wish to do, skills they wish to learn or exhibit at a particular venue across the globe. The platform is driven by user generated content from its influencers and users both on activities they have done in their past, and the list of things they wish to do in future. The content is segregated in the form of videos, images, and the short descriptions of all experiences which make the platform rich and interesting. While doing this, Woovly is driving its platform with the USP of aggregating the last mile service providers and helping them to gain their direct customers.

Ever since its inception, Woovly has been witnessing huge traction among its millions of users who have coined more than 3million aspirations. The platform serves on all web, android and IOS users with its AI based recommendation engine. While the team Woovly focuses on Indian users, it is organically seeing a growth from the global users as well.

It is led by a well experienced founding team who all had seen growth both in breath and length in tech and operations and have now taken the onus of turning people’s aspirations into adventure and activities.

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