Chrome for Android Ups its Game for Dual Display Devices |

Chrome for Android Ups its Game for Dual Display Devices

Given that foldables have suddenly returned and dual screens are the in-thing, Chrome is adjusting its game fast


As the future of smartphones inevitably moves towards dual-screens and foldables, Google is proactively coming up with a much-needed addition to the Chrome browser for Android devices.

As per indications, Chrome for Android is getting tweaked around to enable users to adroitly manage the movement of tabs between multiple displays. In simple parlance, this means that if you have a multi-screen, you can open two tabs full-screen at the same time.

So far only the desktop version of Chrome allowed users to move the tabs around multi-screens that enabled them to work on one while keeping the other on for functional support. All along, dual-screen phone users had to make do with an expanded view of a single Chrome tab. Now if all goes well, Google will allow for tab-moving across multi-screens on Chrome for Android.

This will doubtless also enhance the experience on foldables and multi-screen hand-held devices that are now being widely predicted to dominate the smartphone market in the coming days.

The news from the industry is that the new feature will not be confined to dual-screen handsets alone. It is believed that this feature would be available to all  "secondary display panels", meaning that this would be functional on extension screens that users may attach to their smart phones.

Further, it is suggested that Chrome for Android will also sport the functionality to merge two sets of tabs back together when the second display is closed or disconnected.

Though it is not clear as to when this update will be available for mainstream users --- all new features from have been slowed due to the world pandemic situation --- the thing to note is the fresh tweak would come in handy for freshly arrived devices like LG V60 or the shortly expected Microsoft Surface Duo that uses the Chromium-based Edge browser.

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