Huawei Foldable to Launch Outside China Soon |

Huawei Foldable to Launch Outside China Soon

Reports suggest that the Mate XS could be making its debut in the UK soon as the Chinese maker seeks to cash in on the flip phone demand


First things first – No! The Mate XS isn’t yet making its way to Indian shores. It is more likely that the Chinese phone maker would be launching its first foldable device in the UK though what the pricing would be or when the flip phone would be available continues to be shrouded in mystery, as is often the case.

So where did the rumor originate from? Andrew Hoyle notes on that the folding Mate XS which appeared in Paris last year could start shipping to geographies outside of China and believes that the UK would be amongst the first, given that the Chinese aren’t keen on making the device available in the United States due to their trade disputes.

The article says that the Mate XS has received some upgrades including a strengthened display and the latest Kirin 990 processor with some tweaks around the edges to ensure that the foldable phone remains protected from dust. However, the price tag of $2850 for the device could seriously restrict the product’s mass acceptance.

The Mate XS is an upgrade over Huawei’s Mate X that was announced in February last year and released in November only in China. Most reviewers didn’t bother about this device as it was hardly revealed outside its region of manufacture. However, with the Mate XS slated for a broader launch, media outlets have taken trouble to provide a closer look.

Writing in, Mat Smith says the new edition has an 8-inch unfolded display that makes the 6.6-inch phone into a broad smartphone screen. It boasts a release button that flips the device open with a hinge that appears to be robust enough to handle more such flips than what its rivals can. Smith quotes Huawei to suggest that the number of components in the hinge has risen from 100 to 150 adding some heft to the hinge.

The screen isn’t perfectly flat but the seam appears subtler than the Galaxy Z Flip though there is no ultra-thin glass later though Huawei claims that its screen is better protected with four layers and one made of a polyamide material. Smith notices that the hinge on the back is exposed and one could see some of the internal organs of the device! 

From a hardware point of view, there are some upgrades including a 4500mAh battery and a new cooling process to keep the device from heating up around the hinges. The new Kirin 990 5G chip is what powers the device which also boasts of a camera array that includes a 40-MP main shooter, an 8-MP telephoto and a 20-MP ultra-wide lens.

The article also speaks about how Huawei has upgraded the apps to seamlessly shift between the narrow mode to a broader one depending on whether the device is in full screen mode or the smaller one. “Huawei has put work into its own apps to better fit the foldable's unorthodox screen size and help strengthen the proposition of the thing,” says Smith.

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