Cool Gadgets To Gift Yourself in 2020 |

Cool Gadgets To Gift Yourself in 2020

It is that time of the year when a bit of self-indulgence is called for. Here are some cool gadgets that you could consider as a great gift for that techie within you


A full twelve months of trials and tribulations is coming to an end. And it is that time of the year when a bit of self-indulgence would not be looked at askance. If you are a techie, there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff out there that can be acquired without actually burning a hole in the pocket. And in case, you are just a techie at heart, there’s even more that you could do by starting off 2020 with a meaningful gift for yourself.

We, at, have come up with a few gadgets that could make your New Year a self-indulgent one without actually generating that feeling of extravagance. Checkout our list of gadgets and choose one that you can gift yourself:

The Mouse That Scans

Multi-tasking is the name of the game in today’s fast-paced life. So, if you can have a simple mouse that can scan important documents on-the-go, it would be a dream come true. Most of the times, we struggle with scanning on our smartphones using apps, seldom sure whether the document has been captured in good enough quality to be shared professionally. However, all that’s changed with the world’s first Wireless Scanner Mouse. One can scan anything from text books and magazines to important documents and score them as Word files. The scanner mouse is just super cool!

The Tripod that Follows You

Imagine you are out somewhere with your family and want to capture the full family portrait but there’s nobody around who can take the family picture. With the Pivo tripod, there is no need for a third-party intervention as it doubles up as a cameraperson for that family portrait. It comes with auto-tracking too so that there is no need to worry even if a member moves out of the frame. The Pivo simply finds her and captures! Those with Instagram feeds and YouTube channels can now forget the challenge of having a third person handle the camera. All you need to do is get Pivo.

Personal Strobe Lights?

If you are looking for modern lights to make your room beautiful in night then these are the lights which can turn into any colour of your choice. This is much more than just lights; these lights can dance according to the type of music beats playing inside the room. More than that, think of any possible colour you want to turn your room into. These lights will simply add a new colour on daily basis. These lights are best backdrop for the pictures and your videos. Turn your room into a dance floor!

Solar Charge your Smartphone

We have seen solar lights, solar geyser but now welcome the solar powered power banks. Be it on airplane, car ride, train ride or your home window, all you need is little sunshine and you will able to charge your smartphones. This comes with 1-watt solar panel which absorbs energy from the sunlight and powers the internal 6000mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can easily charge your smartphone almost twice in single full charge. Now, you can simply charge your phone on the move.

There are many more smart gadgets that came through in the past twelve months, but this is a list curated by our team of geeks who believe that gadgets also need to add value to our daily lives. So, just go ahead and indulge yourself this New Year.

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