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Gmail Allows Users to Attach other Emails

Something that worked well during the mail client era of the 1990s is now making a welcome return and can function within the browser app itself


Ever since users started moving away from heavy-duty mail clients to the simpler and often lighter mobile apps, one of the challenges users faced was on how to remind an addressee of some parts of an earlier conversation or even a different one that resided in the inbox but was difficult to reference without actually having to forward the said emails.

In the absence of cross-referencing, the only solution was to bombard the co-worker or client with a series of emails so that they can act as a reference for the topic under discussion now. In the bygone era, one could merely click on the “Attach Files” link, find the previous email thread and simply click to attach the entire story on to the present one.

Google has now risen above the mundane by providing a feature that lets users attach previous emails to the present one so that there is no need to fill up a customer or a co-worker’s inbox. Details of the latest update has been provided by Google on the company’s blog site related to G Suite.

The company says that the changes were a result of comments from users related to problems they faced while forwarding separate mails and then seeking to index content from across them into another email.  “With this new functionality, you can do exactly that. Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client,” the blog post said.

So, if the manager needs to send team members information from multiple emails from the inbox leading up to the start of a new project, they can do so now by simply selecting the relevant emails and dragging and dropping them all into the open draft window of a new email. There is also an alternative. Users can select the emails to be forwarded, click on the overflow menu at the top and choose “Forward as attachment” option as shown in the image.

The blog post goes on to suggest that there would be no action required from domain admins before users get to start using the new feature. Of course, Google has warned that the feature would be rolled out in a gradual fashion so it may take some time before it gets incorporated into the geography. The way to text whether the new feature is available is to check in the overflow menu.

When emails are sent as attachments, the attached file would be displayed as .eml files and users can attach as many previous emails as they want to the new one. And when a user clicks on a .eml attachment, it would open up in a new window, the blog post says.

Looks like Google has stolen a march over other email providers, especially those that operate on a browser, with this helpful feature. One isn’t sure whether the email attachment option would be available on the Gmail App on Android and Apple ecosystems.

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