Google’s Pixel 4 Launch: A Check-list of Rumors |

Google’s Pixel 4 Launch: A Check-list of Rumors

After Apple and Amazon, now it is Google’s turn to reveal its offerings for the season with the Pixel 4 obviously leading the pack once again.


It is holiday time across the world and gadget manufacturers have mostly showcased their hardware lines to lure shoppers over the next couple of months. After Apple and Amazon, now it is Google’s turn to reveal its offerings for the season with the Pixel 4 obviously leading the pack once again.

Leading up to the event on October 15 (in India we will have to wait a few hours before the story gets in), there have been a surfeit of rumors around the hardware that Google may put into customers’ hands with the company’s flagship smartphone being accompanied by a new Pixelbook line as well as a revamped set of Pixel Buds.

Though the story will be unraveled in just about 36 hours from the time you read this, we thought it would be interesting enough to list out some of the stories that have circulated over the past four to six months around it. So, here goes:

  • The Smartphones are definitely more than a rumor as the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been trending for quite a while and Google hasn’t even bother keeping them under wraps. There have been leaks galore about the phones, which could be due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to keep a good thing under wraps or also possibly part of strategy to pump up sluggish demand in the mobile phone market. Most leaks have suggested that the phone would have a circle-in-square camera pattern just as the latest iPhone!
  • The Android 10 should come pre-loaded on the device and there are also rumors that the new phones would be 5G enabled. Reports of an emergency service feature, built-in audio transcription and some new colors have been floating around.
  • The Chrome OS devices have also made news with a report in claiming that the latest devices would side-step the more convertible form factors of the original and would be more of a straightforward laptop design. The rumors suggest that the new Chromebook could have a 13.3-inch touchscreen with two USB C ports, which fans may find to be less than what they imagined due to the complaints about the original.
  • As for the least spoken about Pixel Buds, Google seems to have kept this secret, unless of course they aren’t really going after this product range, given that ear buds have been making waves for competitors over the past year or so. Will Google seek a play in a space already crowded with offerings from Apple, Samsung, Sony and Amazon? The company definitely has the software to go for it though.
  • Other updates that could definitely make the launch include the Google Nest / Home though none of the rumors around this suggests any major modifications to the existing line. Of course, Google has a history of surprising us and we do hope that there would be something more than bits and pieces updates here. Google Wi-Fi too has been spoken about in some circles as being a part of this product suite, given that the company is quite gung-ho about developing Smart Homes.

Suffice to say that all these rumors do make for an interesting day out when Google hits the launch button.

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