Microsoft Continues to Struggle with Windows Updates |

Microsoft Continues to Struggle with Windows Updates

The company hasn’t been having the best of times with its updates as a buggy patch is messing up the start-up menu even as the company tests a new one for a November release


The world of Microsoft’s updates on its operating systems was exposed by a former employee some weeks ago resulting in a few jitters within the organization. However, when it comes to fixing these malfunctions, the worst culprits appear to be the very patches that are supposedly released to fix them as is being proved yet again.

An update code-named KB4517389 for fixing some issues with printing problems that began following yet another of these fixes is now messing up the entire Windows 10 Start Menu. “Installed KB4517389. I get a critical error when using the Start Menu. Uninstalling the update fixes the issue. This is the third different update in a row that breaks the start menu with the same critical error. What is the issue Microsoft?” says a post on Windows Answers.

The company while confirming the problems related to the Start Menu and promising an update by the end of October, has been silent on some of the other issues that users have posted on the above page. In fact, what is making things worse is that on the page related to this specific patch, the company says, “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.”

A report published on the Forbes website suggests that Microsoft is attempting to make some fundamental changes to the Windows 10 updates (possibly in the aftermath of the negative exposure it received last month due to the former employee’s video), but things aren’t yet falling into place as patches released to fix things are causing others to break.

The company is asking users to install a servicing stack update or SSU across all versions of Windows 10 as a way to resolve the issues around restarts. “We strongly recommend that you install the latest SSU for your operating system before installing the latest cumulative update,” says a Microsoft support document, which is repeated in the latest update as well.

On top of all this chaos where Microsoft is desperately attempting to fix known bugs such as deleted files and disappearing data, there are reports that the company is now testing out some new updates that is supposed to provide them with a less intrusive approach for installing new features, requiring fewer restarts and making the entire process quicker.

The Windows Insider Program gives details of  the Windows 10 version 1909, also known as 19H2, that will be releasing later this year. The update, though quite a small one, would include changes to the “Manage notifications” options getting added to the Action Center and notification management displaying a list of notifications sorted by the most recent one instead of by sender, says a report published in Engadget.

There would be a few other changes including some improvements to battery life, but the crucial point that the article highlights is the seamless manner that this update is supposed to be delivered. The install would be quick and will not require a restart, says Georgina Torbet writing in Engadget but warns that anyone with an older version of Windows 10 may find that the updates take longer.

It remains to be seen whether this patch fixes things or ends up breaking others around the place as Microsoft has been experiencing post the Windows 10 release.

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