How to Connect Your TV to Your Internet?

Nowadays users can watch everything on their TV screens all thanks to the internet-enabled or smart TV


Nowadays users can watch everything on their TV screens all thanks to the internet-enabled or smart TV. But sadly smart TVs come with a hefty price tag and not everyone can afford it. Does this mean you can’t watch the final season of Game of Thrones on the big screen? Not necessarily. You can add different equipment to your current TV to connect it to the internet. Let’s take a look at some options you have.

1. Connect a Blu-Ray Player

If you want to watch YouTube or Netflix on your TV, try connecting an internet-enabled Blu-ray player. Many of today’s Blu-ray players let you access internet content. You can’t access as much as you would on a smart TV, but Blu-ray players do allow you to connect to some of the most popular online widgets.

2. Connect a PC or Laptop

Most modern televisions easily connect to a PC or laptop, turning your small screen into a huge display. This isn’t the ideal solution for most people, but if you’re inviting friends over and want to watch the FIFA World Cup final on the big screen, it would suffice. With a Blu-ray player, you are limited in terms of the online content you can access, but a PC or laptop lets you access everything on the web.

3. Connect a PlayStation or Xbox

Most modern video game systems can easily connect to the internet, allowing you to access some online content – but not all. For example, you can use PlayStation 4 to download and stream TV shows and pay-per-view movies. It also lets you stream content from Netflix and has a web browser that you can use to access your favourite sites. You can also stream Netflix on Xbox One. 

4. Get a Standalone Video Streaming System

Standalone boxes allow you to stream online content directly to your TV. One of the most popular standalone units is Roku players. These things can stream movies from different sources, showcase photos on the big screen from Flickr, and also play music from Pandora. Other appealing standalone units include the VUDU Box and Apple TV. These devices surprisingly aren’t too expensive, so they’re a good option for watching online content on your big screen.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a smart TV just because you want to watch online content on the big screen. You can transform your HDTV into an internet-enabled TV using any of the methods discussed above. But the most important thing you’ll need to do so, is a fast internet connection. So if you don’t have a high-speed connection, visit iSelect to do an internet comparison and switch to a better plan.



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