Online Gaming Future Ahead for India

Online gaming is a market with a huge growth potential, especially the gaming Industry in India. Online games are widely popular with people who love to play video games and spend time online.


Online gaming now enjoys much wider acceptance in the Indian market and is even considered a career option by some people. Over the past few years, online games have seen spectacular growth in India.

An Insight into Online Gaming

The gaming industry demands commitment and dedication from players as well as game developers. The gaming industry in India today has a revenue of billions, earned through games meant for almost every age group. Now people can play online games on their personal computers, phones or tablets. As there is no restriction of age in this field, online gaming receives a great response from players from every nook and corner of the world. Anyone can play online games from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

However, if you are thinking of making game development your profession, you will need patience to make your creations famous as this industry is very competitive. To earn a name and fame as a game developer, you will have to compete with thousands of gaming companies that are already established. So you need to be dedicated and committed to your work and always have a positive outlook.

Growth Rate of the Gaming Industry Globally

The growth rate of the gaming industry is rising steadily all over the world. Last year, it was 7.8% globally. The industry grossed over $108 billion globally in 2017, and India was placed at the 17th position globally in terms of the total revenue from games. About 50% of the global gaming market is located in the Asia Pacific region.

The Path Ahead for India

A study shows that about 81% of India’s population is helping the country to catch this global trend, and India’s gaming market is expected to grow by 100 to 200% in the next couple of years. Some people are now taking up gaming even as a career option due to the immense popularity of online games. This takes courage, especially in India, where most of the families are somewhat conservative and only think of career options that provide security. But the time is changing and Indians are becoming supportive of the gaming industry, too.

The rising popularity of online gaming is directly proportional to the increase in the industry’s revenue. This growth in turn helps gaming companies to host tournaments with huge cash prizes and reward the winners handsomely. Rummy Game is a popular traditional social game that has been turned into its online version and has become a sensation, mostly in India. Now you can play the  multiplayer card game with your rummy friends from anywhere on the planet. Online gaming is considered to be a great stress-buster, as after gaming a person feels refreshed and rejuvenated.

Advancement in technology and the availability of cheap mobile data have paved a way for online gaming to flourish well in India, and the future of the Indian gaming industry is certainly bright.


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