B&W CRT TV to OLED and now AI, the way we watches TV is going to change forever. | TechTree.com

B&W CRT TV to OLED and now AI, the way we watches TV is going to change forever.

Over the past six decades, technology has dramatically changed how we watch TV and here’re the big milestones


To start with there were these boxy TVs one saw through the 1960s to 2000. These  were Cathode Ray Tube or CRT TV that used electron guns that emit electron beams back and forth across the screen to create images. Then came the advent of the Plasma Display Panels (PDP), also known as wall-mount TVs. This used electrically charged ionized gases to show images and thus consumed a lot of energy and heat.  However, the PDP soon became obsolete once the LCD technology became mainstream. These displays used liquid crystals to create images with a backlight source. Post that the Lighting tubes changed to LEDs  Somewhere in the middle of 2010. TV world was now ruled by  LED screens. The three different LED backlighting technologies witnessed were RGB, Edge-lit and Direct method.

The supreme invention that swept the viewer off their feet, however, undoubtedly is the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV. A variation of LED, without a backlight and self-lighting pixels, making it astoundingly slim (1mm deep), with deeper blacks and greatest contrasts. This is the Technology which has made foldable Screen a possibility thought it is limited to Trade Shows and not commercially available. 

And if one thought OLED was all the world of display technology had to witness, here comes the next big rage – Artificial Intelligence.  These TV will make interfacing with the TV seems like a friendly communication. LG is set to launch the India’s first TV with Artificial Intelligence and pretty soon it will be a crowded space.

Here’s to the age of audio visual supremacy!