Google Rolls Out Final Developer Preview Of Android O |

Google Rolls Out Final Developer Preview Of Android O

With this preview rolled out on schedule, we can expect to see the launch sometime around August - September.


Google has finally launched the fourth and final settlement of its developer preview of the much awaited new version of the Android operating system, the Android O.

While this release brings in no major changes apart from a couple of incremental and stability updates, we can expect the launch to happen soon. In-fact, according to Google, Android O is scheduled to launch later this summer, i.e., during September month end, reports TechCrunch.

To recall, Android O’s third preview release that came out some time back came with all the final APIs for the operating system, to help developers get ready with their applications. However, there seems to be few more updates pending in the next few days.

TechCrunch’s report states that major Android SDKs, tools, and Android Emulator would be getting minor version bumps pretty soon. And, as far as Android Support Library is concerned, the version Android O final developer preview has is v26.0.0 which is apparently considered stable.

Having said this, let us now brush up as to what users and developers can get with the new version of Android. It brings better notifications support, picture-in-picture support, autofill, and battery optimisations.

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