Google Pixel 2 May Get Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 SoC |

Google Pixel 2 May Get Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 SoC

The same chipset may be seen on the Zuk Z3 Max, according a previous rumour.


With competition rolling out stiff each passing day, every company is striving hard to pull in the best available technology in the smartphone industry. We recently saw HTC with Edge Sense, Asus ZenFone AR with Tango support and OnePlus 5 with Snapdragon 835 SoC — the latest and the most powerful mobile chipset available so far. Now, it looks like it is Google’s turn.

Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone Pixel 2 has been recently reported to come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836 chipset, which is claimed to be a revision of the existing Snapdragon 835 SoC, according to a post published on

According to the post, reports have been suggesting that Snapdragon 836 would be using the Kryo 280 cores in an octa-core setup with slightly higher clock speeds. It is also being reported that the new chipset would be in-fact using the same 10nm manufacturing process.

With this said, it is worth recalling that a screenshot was leaked a few days back revealing that the upcoming Zuk Z3 Max smartphone would be powered by a Snapdragon 836 processor. Well, it looks like the competition is really tough out there now.

Apparently, a couple of reports that surfaced earlier have suggested that HTC wouldn’t be making two Pixel phones anymore for the tech giant. Instead, we may see HTC making one Pixel phone while the other would be made by LG.

Other rumours have suggested that this year’s Pixel phones would be having a better rear camera module — most probably a dual camera setup. However, we are still in the early stage to actually discuss more about the upcoming Pixel phone, and thus, we suggest you to watch this space for regular updates. We shall bring it up when we have further news about the upcoming Pixel device.

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