Streamoid Launches India's First Stylebot |

Streamoid Launches India's First Stylebot

The stylebot is said to understand the conversation using visual search and Natural Language processing.


Streamoid Technologies, a startup developing visual AI-based products for the fashion industry, today announced the launch of its fashion stylebot, which is being touted to use advanced fashion Artificial Intelligence to mimic how personal styling assistants search and recommend products to their clients. These newly launched bots are said to interact with customers in a fun, conversational manner to understand the context before recommending products and outfits.

According to a recent press release, customers can interact with the bot using images or text. It is being said that, you can talk to the bots just like how you would with a sales assistant.

Speaking about the bot, it understands the context of the conversations using visual search and Natural Language processing, and then offer relevant solutions including product recommendations, style opinions, and customer support.

The Streamoid’s ‘Stylebot’ comes with a super intelligent fashion AI engine, according to the company. Customers can upload an image to find similar products or can type their queries in sentences, which they would use in normal speech. For example, they can say, "Show me a blue checked cotton shirt under Rs. 3000," or "What can I wear for a dinner date?" Two kinds of product recommendations are made. Similar products based on matching colours, pattern and style are recommended using visual search, and outfits are recommended using both machine learning and a fashion rules-based algorithm.

The company further mentions in the press release, “These bots are like having a stylist on call 24x7. They are programmed with the brand's sense of style and have the intelligence to create beautiful outfits and offer fashion advice. And what's more is that the bot learns with each interaction. So every visit tells it a bit more about the customer's taste, price sensitivity, style preferences etc.”

Announcing the launch of the Stylebot, Rajesh Kumar, CTO of Streamoid Technologies said, "The beauty of an automated service like this is that you can offer reliable styling service to a large number of customers in real time. This stylist never gets irritated, never goes on a holiday and always remembers what you like and what you don't like."

Streamoid's first stylebot has been launched in collaboration with AISHA is's style advisory bot on Facebook messenger. Mr. Prashant Gupta, President and CEO of posted on LinkedIn, "AISHA - we seem to have got it working very well. We are seeing a 10% conversion rate for users interacting with AISHA."

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