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5 Tech Gadgets That Will Cost You Less Than A Dinner For 2

From FitBit to Power Banks and Phones; this list has a few that you get under Rs 2,000.


-- By Vimal Mohan

Tech is always new and keeps updating itself. Every now and then something new gets out and the world goes gaga to get themselves a piece of that pie. Here we have curated a list of 5 gadgets that are useful and handy and that don’t burn a hole when you purchase it. So, to keep it tight we bring to you a list of gadgets that are much less pricier than your regular dinner date. 



Now an introduction to a Fitbit or a fitness band is redundant. Every one of us knows that is records sleep patterns, counts the number of steps we’ve taken in a time interval and many other things like that. Advance models in the same also gives you notifications on calls and alerts you receive on your smartphone. You could one of these that start at Rs 899.

Portable Router

Now we aren’t talking about those wifi routers you have installed at your place of residence or of work. This one’s a portable one that you can carry for your adhoc road trips or to a friends place for a casual barbeque gathering. These are handy and powerful enough to channel a data speed of up to 150MBps. Reliance Jio’s router is one such example.

Bluetooth audio systems

Go wireless! This is the motto that every gadget in 2017 is all about. From chargers to keyboards, everything is shredding and so are headphones and speakers. Bluetooth audio systems from JBL, Sony, Portronics, and Boat have made it big. Get yourself one too. For, the investment is worth it.

Credit card sized phone

So, this is no gimmick. In this smartphone dominated world, get yourself a spare phone. For, it’s only a matter of time before your phone slips and Bam! You’ve got yourself a shattered screen. Having a spare phone always helps and it becomes intense when the spare phone looks as small as a credit cards and is yet able to attract all the eyeballs. You can always use a price comparison websites before you get one for yourself.

Power bank

There is no fancy line required to show how salient a powerbank could get. Yes, you’ll run out of charge. Yes, you’ll look for a charger in vain, and you’ll end up keeping your phone switched off. Save yourself this trouble and get yourself a powerbank. Get the best deal to get yourself a 20,000 mAh power banks as less as Rs 1300. Still saving 700 ;-p

So, missed your date, or got stood up, or in a general shopping spree. Get these without spending more than what’s required.

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