Is The Samsung Galaxy S8 The Most Complete Phone To Date?

We checked out the hype.


The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 was released this month and we can honestly say that it was more than worth the wait.

The S8 may just be the most complete phone to date and design-wise, no other handset comes close. Without a doubt, it’s the best-looking phone we’ve ever laid hands on so before even switching it on, we felt like we were already onto a winner.

Available in jet black, bright silver and blue-grey, it’s beautiful to look at and its large glass display shimmers in the light. It’s curved behind means it fits perfectly in your hand meaning it’s not only nice-looking, but nice to touch as well.

At just 155 grams, the handset is thin and incredibly light but still feels sturdy enough to survive a few mishaps. It’s also water and dust resistant so if you do happen to be pretty clumsy, your phone should be safe.

The microSD and non-SIM slots remain tucked away as to not blemish the device’s flawless look. Wireless charging remains meaning there’s no need for any irritating tangled wires, convenience really is winning here.

With Apple opting to scrap the headphone jack for the iPhone 7, Android fans had had doubts about the S8 but thankfully, it remains. What’s more, you receive an impressive pair of AKG wired earphones in the box.

You’re able to stream HDR shows from the likes of Amazon Prime and Netflix meaning watching your favourite show on your smartphone is just as good an experience as if you were watching it on your TV. The colours are brilliantly vivid and the screen is perfectly bright, though not too bright.

There’s also the addition of a feature called “Video Enhancer” which boosts the contrast and brightness in certain apps such as YouTube, Netflix etc. which gives them an HDR-like effect meaning the S8 is the perfect handset for media binging.

The battery life of the S8 is pretty modest, so long as you aren’t constantly on your phone or using to binge-watch your favourite series, it will last you all day. For us, the S8 is the complete package, its exterior is beautiful and undeniably the most stylish smartphone on the market.

Its powerful processor means you’re able to multi-task and have several apps open at once without any performance hiccups and the remarkable graphics means it’s not only better than any other smartphone out there for streaming and watching videos on, but also better than most tablets as well.

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