Google Launches YouTube Go Beta App In India

The new app is more social and designed to be offline first, while it gives you more control over data usage.


Google has finally launched YouTube Go beta in India that was announced during Google for India event, last September. The tech giant has sent out a press release stating that after months f expanded testing and refinement, the YouTube Go app is finally available for download on the Google Play Store in India.

According to the press release, every aspect of YouTube Go was designed from the ground up, with four main principles in mind: It’s relatable, with fresh and relevant video recommendations tailored to your preferences; the app is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network; it gives you more control over data usage, by providing choice and transparency into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos. And finally, it’s social, allowing you to share videos quickly and easily with friends nearby.

Adding further, the YouTube Go home screen features trending and popular videos in your area, so that you can find and discover videos that you and your community care about. Also, the new app gives users a preview of what the video about before they actually watch it. Users will have to just tap on a thumbnail for the preview.

Additionally, users can choose to save a video for offline viewing later and also choose the amount of data one would like to spend on that video. Now that’s pretty interesting.

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