HP Announces Launch Of Z2 Mini Workstation In India

The Z2 Mini workstation is claimed to be the world’s first mini workstation.


HP has today announced the launch of Z2 Mini, being touted as the world’s first mini workstation, in India for a price tag of Rs 72,000. It is being said that this portable yet powerful PC is made for users who are much into computer-intensive industries.

The HP Z2 Mini comes with a body that is almost 90 per cent smaller than a traditional tower PC, though it is touted to be twice powerful than any other commercial mini PC in the market today. The company also claims that the new workstation PC by HP is capable of supporting up to 6 displays.

The HP Z2 Mini workstation is also said to sport Intel Xeon processors, Nvidia professional graphics, and HP Z Turbo Drive.

“Today designers want sleek, innovative and powerful workstations that enable new experiences. Designed for the workspace of the future, HP Z2 Mini Workstation is remarkably versatile and it showcases next level power by offering twice the power of a business-class mini PC, a key for designers, “ said Ketan Patel, Senior Director – Personal Systems Business, HP Inc India in a press release.

He also added, “It is the result of HP engineers and designers reinventing the concept of a workstation by rethinking its shape, size and look while adding functionality to enable new use case,”