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Opera Launches Concept Browser Called Neon

The new browser showcases some futuristic features.


Opera is known for launching interesting features like in-built ad-blocking and privacy mode to its popular browser on Desktop and Mobile. However, it looks like the company has a lot of futuristic ideas as well which it wants to test out somewhere else. As a result, the company has finally launched a new concept browser dubbed as ‘Neon’.

Neon is said to be built using the same browser engine as the regular Opera browser, though users get to see a completely new design and user interface with Neon.

Opera Neon will provide users with fun ways to interact with web content, including the ability to drag and push things around, and even to pop content out from the web, according to a recent press release sent out by the company. It also adds that the new Opera Neon is made keeping in mind, the content.

It is being said that the Opera Neon includes:

  • New start page using users' current desktop background image.
  • A left sidebar with video player, image gallery, and download manager.
  • Anew visual tab bar on the right side of the browser window.
  • An intelligent system that automatically manages tabs.
  • A completely new omnibox, supporting top search engines and open search.

Also, new ways of enjoying web content have been added:

  • Video pop-out, which lets users to watch videos while browsing other web pages
  • Snap-to-gallery, which allows users to snapshot and crop any part of a web page.
  • A split screen mode which allows for two pages to be used simultaneously.

You can download the new concept browser here and test it out to see if you really feel it is futuristic. Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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