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Employee Sues Google Over Its Spying Practises

A report claims that Google encourages employees keep a watch on their colleagues.


Started with a motto 'Don't be evil', Google hasn't been able to keep its image clean in last few years. It was embroiled in data scraping scandal in Kenya. More recently, it faced the heat in Europe for stealing data from personal computers while mapping the Street View. This time around, the search-giant has been sued by its own employee for “spying program”, which encourages employees to report their colleagues who might have leaked information.

The report claims that Google warns employees not to communicate their concerns about potential illegal activity within the company in text format. Not even Google's attorneys are supposed to receive such information in a message, as that might find its way to regulators and law enforcement. The Mountain View based company's confidentiality clause also prohibits its employees from writing a novel about their experience in the Silicon Valley, until Google approves the draft.

If these charges are proven, Google will look like a North Korea of the tech world. In addition to demanding the relaxation in the company policies, the court may also slap a hefty fine on Google.

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