Amazon's New Grocery Store Saves You From Long Checkout Queues |

Amazon's New Grocery Store Saves You From Long Checkout Queues

Pick up the stuff and walk out, Amazon's in-store technology will figure out the rest.


Online store giant Amazon is entering the brick-and-mortar space with its grocery store. Dubbed as Amazon Go, these stores are a lot like other grocery stores, except that you don't have to put up with long queues for the checkout process.

All you need to do is walk into the store. Login to your Amazon account using a a QR code. Pick up the stuff you want and simply walk out. Amazon's in-store technology that involves computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning will work out the list of items for you. You will then be charged from your Amazon account with a receipt. As you would have guessed already, Amazon has been working on this project for years. The development began in 2012. As of this writing, the project is being tested by Amazon employees at a few locations. It will be open to public in early 2017.

In order to use this service, users will need an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, and the free Amazon Go app. The service has been announced only for the US. If you are still confused about the concept. Check out the demo video embedded below. Please note that we do not encourage readers to do something similar in Indian supermarkets. Here you will be charged for shoplifting.

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