Microsoft Holoportation Turns Star Wars Esque Communication Into A Reality

Telepresence could be the next step in video calls.


With some clever use of 3D capture, software wizardry, and Hololens, Microsoft has come a step closer to digital presence technology shown in science fiction movies such as Star Wars. In a recent update, the Software-giant has significantly cut the setup requirements.

As opposed to the early studio room experiment, Microsoft's engineers have managed to fit the entire rig in a car. Of course, it is meant to be used by the person sitting in a passenger seat. Nobody wants to divert a driver's attention right? According to the FAQs posted on the company's blog, the system requires only two cameras. One to capture the video and other to add depth information to it. To achieve better quality, you can increase the number of cameras. In addition to fitting the entire system in a car, the company had to deal with ever changing lighting and vibration.

To experience the holographic tele-presence, you will have to wear headsets such as Hololens or HTC Vive. Excited already? Don't forget to check out the demonstration video below:

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