PS2 EyeToy Bundle Enables Motion Gaming For Rs 6000 |

PS2 EyeToy Bundle Enables Motion Gaming For Rs 6000

Includes a PlayStation 2 console, EyeToy camera, and a game to keep your kids occupied this summer vacation.


It's no secret that the PS2 may not be Sony's mainstream console by a long shot, but it still accounts for a large chunk of its sales in India. The target demographic for this last-gen console is 8-12 year olds in this country. Now that the kids have ample time owing to summer vacations, Sony has launched the PlayStation 2 EyeToy Bundle. It includes a PS2 console, an EyeToy camera, and the EyeToy: Play 3 game for Rs 6000.

The EyeToy camera is a poor man's Kinect motion sensor that endows the PS2 with rudimentary motion, gesture, and voice control capabilities. This bundle provides a relatively cheap and uncomplicated means of introducing your kid to the world of motion gaming. Apart from the bundled game, other EyeToy titles are priced at Rs 500 each.

Needless to say, once you get a PS2, it won't be long before you have to succumb to the inevitable demand for the God of War games.


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