Google Has Rolled Out Major Update To Its Gmail App For iOS

This major change over comes in nearly after 4 years since the previous update.


Google has finally rolled out a major update to its Gmail app for iOS which is said to be one of the major changeovers for the app in around 4 years now.

The update brings the email service application by Google for iOS to version number 5.0.3 and has been introduced with a number of most loved features, especially those like the ‘Undo Send’. As you might have already known, this ‘Undo Send’ feature allows you to recall those emails that were sent erroneously.

The new update seems to also bring in faster search along with spelling suggestions that show up as and when you make an error while searching for an important mail.

Also, the new update brings in ‘swipe to archive’ and ‘swipe to delete’ features that seem pretty common now, for the Android users.

Having said this, it is not only the ‘Gmail’ app that has got the much needed attention, but also, Google has added new features to its Google Calendar app for iOS, enabling users to view weekly and monthly schedule in a landscape mode.

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