Microsoft's Surface Dial Comes Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

The giant touchscreen and gesture interaction are reminiscent of futuristic computers from Minority Report.


It is tough to forget Steven Spielberg's crime thriller Minority Report. Set in 2054, the movie envisions huge computers that work with elaborate hand gestures rather than conventional interaction or input methods. As you can see in the image below, the computer's screen reacts to Tom Cruise's hands to trigger more interface elements.

Back in 2002, audience found that quite impressive. While we are a long way from creating the machines from Minority Report, I must say that we are inching toward it. Take for instance, Microsoft's Surface Studio. It features a big touch sensitive screen. Okay, not quite as huge or transparent as shown in the movie. However, it works with natural gesture with simultaneous support for up to 10 touch-points.

More importantly, it features a rotary dial interface much like the user interface seen in Spielberg's sci-fi movie.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio



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