Amazon's Voice Assistant Alexa On Her Way To Fire Tablets |

Amazon's Voice Assistant Alexa On Her Way To Fire Tablets

The new voice assistant is claimed to be of great help for users at home for entertainment, news, music, recipes, and other daily chores.


Amazon's new voice assistant Alexa is now coming to the company's Fire tablets, which is being said to help users get facilities of what they can get through an Echo speaker.

The Alexa voice assistant, which Amazon claims to be unique and different from Apple Siri and Google Assistant, is capable of reading out news to users or help them listen to music via services such as Amazon Music and Pandora.

While the feature may remind us of the company's Echo speaker, it goes further ahead as Alexa displays full-screen cards with additional details. For example, when you ask for weather details, Alexa will speak the current temperature, pretty much how you can experience in Echo speaker. But, Alexa also displays a visual card with a week's forecast. Also, for music, users can control the playback of music such as pausing and skipping through the visual card.

Having said this, Amazon also claims that Alexa is designed primarily for tablets which means that its main focus is to help users at home for entertainment, recipes, and other daily chores!

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