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Facebook Now Helps Users Take Recommendations From Friends

You can get information about a nearby event from your friend, and immediately purchase tickets directly from Facebook page.


Facebook has announced new features that help users order food or get a quote, and even purchase movie tickets by taking recommendations from friends.

In simple words, the new update allows you to allow 'recommendations' for a particular post, to which your friends can reply with suggestions. Interesting part is, you will see all these suggestions framed out by your friends saved in one place.

Adding more clarity on to how this works, Facebook has written a blog post where the company states that this new feature helps people use their connections to discover new things in the world around each other, and then device what to do or where to go. Users can even connect with local businesses using this new feature.

This feature also allows users to browse event recommendations based on what is popular with friends, and users also get a new events dashboard now, which seems to first roll out in the US in the coming weeks.

Facebook has also brought in many other small features in this update, where you can order food directly from the restaurant's Facebook page, or even request an appointment, get a quote and even purchase tickets directly from Facebook pages.

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