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Ola App Now Lets You Book A Cab Offline

The new feature uses SMSs to share you location with a driver.


Have you ever been in the situation where you could not book an Ola or Uber due to the lack of mobile data connection? In such cases, your entire plan to go to a place depends on the mercy of an auto-rickshaw driver. Moreover, asking them to go by meter is asking too much. Not anymore though, as Ola has rolled out a feature to enable users to book a cab without a working Internet connection.

The feature uses SMS for sending your current location to Ola servers. Once the booking has been confirmed, an SMS confirming driver details lands in your inbox. If you can't see this feature in your OLa app yet, then that's because you have a working Internet connection. As its name suggests, the offline feature works only when you are... well... offline. Ola's biggest competitor and the global market leader, Uber too has a 'Dial on Uber' feature that allows you to book a cab without installing the app. However, it does require a working Internet connection.

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