Google Announces Offline Features For YouTube |

Google Announces Offline Features For YouTube

The new features will enable users to save and share videos for offline use.


Be it 3G or 4G, the state of mobile data connection in India is anything but reliable. Google knows that flaky connections hamper the YouTube experience. Willing to offer a workaround, the company has announced YouTube Go especially for India. The new feature enables users to save videos for offline viewing and even share it with friends.

The upcoming functionality lets you preview videos before you decide to watch or save them. If you choose to save a video, it offers further control by letting you select SD or HD quality. What's more, you can even share these videos with friends and family without using mobile data connection.

The new feature is "soon" expected to roll-out in India. The search-giant hasn't shared any specific time-frame. To get notified about its release, you can sign up here. While offline videos are quite convenient for users, not sure how content producers will react to a feature that will negatively impact their pageviews.

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