Yet Another Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire

The latest Note 7 burning incident takes place in Philippines.


Lately, Samsung has been making a lot of headlines for its "explosive" products. There have been 35 cases where the Note 7 burst into the flames. Being a responsible brand, the Korean company quickly acknowledged the issue and asked the users to power down the devices. Within days, Samsung also initiated an extensive replacement programme.

After the initial investigation, Samsung put blame on one of its battery supplier, which apparently happened to be Samsung SDI. It stated that the Note 7 with ATL (Amperex Technology Limited) batteries are safe. Soon after that an incident involving the "safe" ATL battery surfaced in China. Before the smoke clears on that incident, now a lady in Philippines has reported that her Note 7 emitted smoke. What's scary is that according to Weng Briones, her daughter was using the device when the incident took place.

Weng Briones has posted the images of her burned Note 7 on Facebook. Thankfully, Samsung store in her area has refunded her money. After reading about so many scary incidents involving the Note 7, would you still consider buying it in India? Do let us know by participating in our poll.

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