Augmented Reality Makes Way Into Rock Climbing |

Augmented Reality Makes Way Into Rock Climbing

A Finland based Startup has developed a new AR system that converts any rock climbing walls into a huge touchscreen.


Is Pokemon Go the only Augmented Reality game you know? Well, if so, do not blame yourself, as the game made some huge records in the smartphone gaming history, all thanks to the Augmented Reality (AR) system that Niantic incorporated inside it. This sole thing made people go crazy about catching Pokemons they watched and loved during the 90s.

In-fact, I too went in search of a couple of them, until people around me started looking at me in a strange way. But, wait. That's nothing, I would say. A Finnish startup has recently incorporated AR system in a more physically engaging game. Oh boy, now, this is gamification of health workouts!

The new AR system developed by Augmented Climbing Wall, a Finland based startup, allows players to convert any plain old-fashioned rock-climbing walls into a gaming arena, where users can play games like 'Whack-A-Bat' and 'Climball'.

If you are getting a little confused and need more clarity on how Augmented Reality is making rock-climbing more engaging, I would suggest you to watch this video below.

So, Here's how this actually works. Using a video projector, the system displays game graphics, routes, etc., on the rock-climbing wall. A customer computer vision allows the system to understand what the climber is doing, and interestingly, the new AR system converts the wall into a huge touchscreen.

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