Coolpad Targets Budget Segment With Mega 2.5D Smartphone |

Coolpad Targets Budget Segment With Mega 2.5D Smartphone

Offers features like single hand operation, a large 83.6 degree FOV (Field of View) and is priced at INR 6,999.


With young India in focus, and the growing budget segment of smartphone users, Coolpad hits the 'right note' with the launch of the Mega 2.5D smartphone that comes with a 5.5 inch HD display screen. Based on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, the handset has distinct features which make it a viable competition for the mid and upper segment, other than a price tag which should work for the Chinese handset maker, in the price sensitive market. The Mega 2.5D shall be available exclusively on from the August 24, 2016, for a price tag of INR 6,999. The registrations have already begun on the August 10, 2016, from 5 PM onwards.

“A successful company always needs to align its objectives as per the expectations from the market, it has to listen to the customers from wherever, whichever medium it may be. At Coolpad transition is a constant process and voice of users is the opinion accepted with supreme importance. We are raising the bar with every new product and constantly strive to better ourselves so that we can spoil our consumers for choice. With the launch of 'Coolpad Mega' we aim to capture 13-15 per cent of under INR 8,000 online smartphone segment which is growing at an astounding 100 per cent rate YOY,” said Syed Tajuddin, CEO of Coolpad India.

A lot of the consumer brands are stepping on to the 'Make in India' bandwagon, where partly or wholly, their products are being produced in India. Currently, Coolpad will be selling the handsets which are made in China, but their later phase will see the Indian made editions of the Mega 2.5D coming into the market. In terms of sales, Tajuddin said, “We are confident that we will sell 50 K phones in our first flash sale on 24 August, 2016. We will continue in our endeavour to bring customized smart devices to the Indian consumers and will be surprising our customers with a disruptive product before Diwali this year.” In fact, the Diwali season is when shopping picks up around the country, and virtually every consumer product has a lucrative sale offer.

In terms of the sale price point vis-a-vis the feature, the Coolpad 2.5D strikes a melodious chord. With the large curved screen, single hand user-friendly interface, the selfie camera with 8MP resolution, and the custom made UI Cool 8.0, are all that the average smartphone user would need, and will find considerable utility in. However, for mid-segment users, the 2,500 mAh battery that comes with the smartphone and a lower end processor of 1.0 GHz could perhaps push them towards the higher price bands, which are ramping up the features within their price point.

However, Coolpad 2.5D will be something that new adapters of smartphones, or rather the value-for-money users, like the youth of cities, will find the product matching their lifestyle choices.


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