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Flipkart Introduces ‘Fliptech’ And ‘Hobby Hub’

This is a first-of-its-kind curated product guide to enable customers make informed purchase.


Flipkart has taken a step ahead in helping its customers make an informed purchase with a curated product guide called Fliptech. This first-of-its-kind effort by Flipkart outlines content across the categories of Electronics, Fashion, Mobiles and Home. With over 75 million users across various segments and geography, this effort by Flipkart is to boost and enhance the shopping experience in a simple and effective manner.

Also, in an attempt to familiarise and engage with customers across various products of interest, Flipkart has also introduced ‘Hobby Hub’. An initiative to inspire customers to chase their hobbies and get started to feed their hunger for new experiences. The platform Hobby Hub helps them to learn more about their interests, likes and hobbies and thus directs them to purchase based on one’s preference.

Commenting on the introduction of these two unique services, Adarsh Menon – VP, Electronics and Auto said, “Studying the customer buying patterns, we observed that more than 50% buyers believe in background research before finalising on a product and this trend is across all categories. With these two new features, Flipkart aims to offer an end-to-end shopping experience right from discovering content to check out.”

The customer friendly Hobby Hub allows customers to deep dive into a hobby of their choice. Showcasing the different facets of each hobby (eg: Photography broken down into wildlife, food, people and nature), the Hobby Hub simplifies purchases based on your hobby and directs you to the best deals on the must have products to feed your hunger for new experiences.

Fliptech, on the other hand is a complete gadget guide covering latest launches from cameras to laptops. In this section Flipkart showcases more than 100 content features with recommendations on the best-buy for the day. With these latest additions, Flipkart’s objective is to help customers to discover relevant products and decode high value purchase and also to encourage adoption of online commerce.

Fliptech and Hobby Hub is currently operational and can be located under the store section on android and iOS across app and website.

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