Magicbricks Organizes Hackathon To Shape Future Innovations

Aims to develop creative solutions to resolve existing issues in the real estate industry.


Magicbricks, one of the country’s primary real estate related websites, is gearing to throw open innovation challenges to the developer community. Come 30th July, they will be organizing a Build-a-thon, a Hackathon-like event, with developers working on the next generation of products and tools for the company, which most likely, will emerge from the areas of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. This event will take place at the Noida Film City on the 30th and 31st of July.

“Magicbricks has been the pioneer in technology innovations in the online realty space. Our goal for organizing Hackathon is to bring creative solutions to the existing unresolved issues in the real estate industry and help develop next generation consumer engagement applications. By using advanced technologies like Augmented reality and Virtual reality, we want to give our consumers an enthralling experience in online real estate,” commented Subodh Kumar, Head of Technology at Magicbricks while laying weight on the leadership of Magicbricks as a source of innovation in the space of real-estate.

The aim of this competition would be to push developers to ideate out-of-the-box, to come up with innovations and solutions for real-world problems. The themes they will be based to include image processing, Bot, Big Data, and artificial intelligence, which are being seen as areas where the next-gen product could actually come from.

Magicbricks has introduced many changes in its product and service portfolio, including Agent Suite, PropWorth App, Home Buying Festival, Travel Time Search and more, in a bid to deliver better experience to users. All these innovations are aimed towards enhancing consumer experience and providing immense value to help make the right property decisions. Adding more on the backing of Magicbricks into the Hackathon event, Subodh Kumar mentioned, “We want to facilitate an environment which encourages the very talented pool of developers to brainstorm, and aid us in improving the product ideas and technology surrounding real estate. Hackathon allows us to leverage the creative/innovation instincts of the developer community, into our quest for innovation-driven growth.”

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