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OLED Screen On The Cards For iPhone 8?

The 10 year anniversary edition of iPhone will reportedly offer a complete design revamp


Apple reportedly has already begun work on its 2017 flagship iPhone

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A report by the Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple is unlikely to bring out any major changes in the iPhone 7, launching in September. Word on the street is that the company will offer a serious overhaul next year with the iPhone 8.

The practice of the company so far has been to revamp the phone every two years. But this year, that pattern will be broken as the iPhone 7 is not expected to show any groundbreaking changes.

The WSJ also reported that the iPhone 8 may come with an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) edgeless display. Furthermore, the home button/ fingerprint sensor may not exist as a physical portion of the new phone's design, but may be integrated within the display itself instead.

Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha has said that he expects “muted” sales increases for the forthcoming iPhone 7 because they will be a “modest upgrade” to the existing models. Mr. Garcha said he expects a “super cycle” for the following year.

Translation: the iPhone 7 may not sell as much, because customers might decide to wait for the iPhone 8, which will offer a bigger revamp than the small changes expected in this year’s phone.

You could, of course, buy both. Just a suggestion.

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