Step Aside ‘Kuchh Nai’, Britain Strikes Again With ‘AI’ Beer |

Step Aside ‘Kuchh Nai’, Britain Strikes Again With ‘AI’ Beer

Wonder what’s wrong with the Poms? First they vote for BREXIT, now they need artificial intelligence to brew beer!


When the UK-based non-resident Indian ‘Jabble’ family launched a new blended scotch whiskey in 2010 and named it ‘Kuchh Nai’, it tickled something more than just the taste buds of the Indian consumer.

Besides good taste and flavor, the name struck a chord. The owners of the brand noted that the name was based on the typical greetings you receive in Indian homes – “Kya Peeyoge?” (What will you to drink?) And the equally typical response from the guest: ‘Kuchh Nai” (Nothing).

At the risk of making Shakespeare’s famous line (about roses smelling sweet – Romeo And Juliet) on the importance of a name appear redundant, one has to say that correct christening does mean a lot – especially when it comes to brand building and management.

And so we have another British brewery coming up with a beer brand that is evocatively titled ‘AI’ and yes, the two alphabets actually do stand for artificial intelligence. And, they didn’t stop it at that – the company is called the IntelligentX Brewing Company.

So, what’s great about this new beer and why does it find mention on a technology platform such as Quite simple! Besides yeast, grain, hops and machines, IntelligentX is also employing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their beers.

IntelligentX – a joint venture between Intelligent Layer and creative agency 10X – have created algorithms based on consumer feedback in order to enhance the quality of the brew. A report published in BusinessToday (Read it here) claims that the AI takes the form of a Facebook Messenger Bot that asks drinkers several questions about the beer.

The questions could be in the form of ratings on a scale of 1 to 10 or simple yes and no queries with some multiple choices thrown in. These answers are analyzed to find trends that could be used to improve the product over time.

The company claims that its beers have changed as many as eleven times since they were first brewed, which includes a year-long trial run during which period the company received feedback on each of the four brands. (Check out the video)

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