Shut Out The World With Noise-Cancelling USB-C Headphones

Earbuds are passé.


If you’ve ever had to jam in your earbuds and up the volume to dangerous levels to hear your music over the traffic, you’ll love this. Conexant Systems has introduced a single-chip active noise cancellation CODEC, CX20888; it can cancel extraneous noise with a depth of up to 30dB and range of up to 3.8kHz.

The CX20888 chip is tailor-made for headsets, and supports a gamut of advanced features, such as a headphone amplifier, active noise cancellation, sampling rates up to 96 kHz et al.

The Conexant CX20888 has an ARM Cortex-M0 controller core (clocked at 50 MHz) and comes equipped with two 32-bit Conexant DSPs (both clocked at 100 MHz) with floating point assist—which brings the total compute power of the DSPs to 400 MIPS—as well as 504 KB of SRAM that's shared between the M0 core and the DSPs. The CODEC also incorporates a variety of interfaces for peripherals, including two I2C master (or master + slave) interfaces, one I2S interface, one SPI, two multi-rate timers, a self-awaking timer, four monitor ADCs (to enable volume control, temperature sensor and battery monitor), two stereo PDM digital microphone interfaces, S/PDIF input and up to 28 GPIO pins.

Conexant said that the CX20888 is the industry’s only single-chip solution with such a feature-set, which is suitable for digital USB-C headsets.

The company revealed the product at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai on Wednesday. The company did not reveal the exact price of the product, but  they claim that the chip reduces BOM costs of headsets because of its high level of integration.

Translation: it’s a single-chip, so manufacturers can even churn these out at decent (read, affordable) prices. And with voice control, and USB Type C to boot. Can you hear the future knocking? (Of course you can’t; they cancel noise)

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