Slimmer And More Powerful - Amazon’s Kindle Gets A Nifty Upgrade

The e-reader’s diet plan has clearly been a resounding success.


The Amazon Kindle e-reader has revolutionised reading habits the world over- probably saved them too. Now the device has shed the excess weight (there’s still a bit of summer left to enjoy) while doubling the amount of RAM.

The upgraded version now boasts 512 MB of RAM, along with a couple of new features. Export Notes, for instance, allows you to send notes and highlights to yourself via email and Bluetooth audio, which accesses the VoiceView content reader without requiring an adaptor. A new personalised home screen and updates to the reader’s Chinese offering are also part of the upgrade.

The new Kindle now also has a rounded back for a better in-hand fit while reading. It is available in both black as well as white. The higher-end, front-lit PaperWhite is available in white as well. Its price remains the same as its predecessor- USD 79 for WiFi with Special Offers, USD 99 without. You can pre-order now, with shipping starting in the next two weeks.

I’m sure why you’re still reading this instead of placing your order, actually.

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